Stunning riverside walks in Lambton Park Estate

The Briar Rose is surrounded by a number of excellent walks. Located on the edge of the Lambton Estate a walk within the estate grounds is highly recommended. The peaceful tranquillity of this area is a tonic in itself. The riverside vistas are spectacular. Lambton Park, the ancestral seat of the Earls of Durham, is one of the most intriguing historic places in the region. Take a look.

Lampton Castle
Lambton Castle

The Castle that exists today, sits on the site of the former Harraton Hall, which came into the Lambton family ownership in the 17th Century. In the late 18th CenturyWilliam Lambton, in conjunction with the Italian architect Joseph Bonomi, created the current majestic building.

Sheep grazing the Parkland
Sheep grazing the Parkland, Lambton Estate

On the slopes from Lambton Castle down to the river the sheep graze the parkland constructed on the river terraces.

Lamb Bridge
Lamb Bridge, Lambton Estate

Lamb Bridge connects the south side of the estate to the north side and provides access to the castle

Waterfall, Lambton Estate

A waterfall cascades over Carboniferous strata as it makes its way down through the 3 river terraces down to the River Wear below.

Banks of the River Wear
Banks of the River Wear, Lambton Estate

A winters view eastwards along the river Wear within the Lambton Estate.

Estate Managers house
Estate Managers house, Lambton Estate

Lambton Park has been and continues to be managed as a modern Estate enterprise, with forestry, farming, residential properties and business park all key to the fabric of the landscape. The estate contains a number of beautifully designed cottages for key employees.

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