Briar Rose hold 2022 prices for 2023

2023 prices for The Briar Rose are now available on our website . The great news is that rates are being held at 2022 levels making this highly praised property better value than ever. The rates for some shorter term stays are even lower than 2022. The excellent cancellation terms offeringfull refunds ensure customers can book with confindence. There is so much to do and see in this amazing region at a fraction of the price of SW England. Dont miss out.

Roker Water Sport
Roker Water Sport

Stunning riverside walks in Lambton Park Estate

The Briar Rose is surrounded by a number of excellent walks. Located on the edge of the Lambton Estate a walk within the estate grounds is highly recommended. The peaceful tranquillity of this area is a tonic in itself. The riverside vistas are spectacular. Lambton Park, the ancestral seat of the Earls of Durham, is one of the most intriguing historic places in the region. Take a look.

Lampton Castle
Lambton Castle

The Castle that exists today, sits on the site of the former Harraton Hall, which came into the Lambton family ownership in the 17th Century. In the late 18th CenturyWilliam Lambton, in conjunction with the Italian architect Joseph Bonomi, created the current majestic building.

Sheep grazing the Parkland
Sheep grazing the Parkland, Lambton Estate

On the slopes from Lambton Castle down to the river the sheep graze the parkland constructed on the river terraces.

Lamb Bridge
Lamb Bridge, Lambton Estate

Lamb Bridge connects the south side of the estate to the north side and provides access to the castle

Waterfall, Lambton Estate

A waterfall cascades over Carboniferous strata as it makes its way down through the 3 river terraces down to the River Wear below.

Banks of the River Wear
Banks of the River Wear, Lambton Estate

A winters view eastwards along the river Wear within the Lambton Estate.

Estate Managers house
Estate Managers house, Lambton Estate

Lambton Park has been and continues to be managed as a modern Estate enterprise, with forestry, farming, residential properties and business park all key to the fabric of the landscape. The estate contains a number of beautifully designed cottages for key employees.

2020 prices now reduced by 15%

Great News. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has reduced the rate of VAT on hospitality from 20% to 5% enabling us to reduce our prices for the rest of this year. All savings are being passed onto the customer. The Briar Rose has received praise and commendations for the quality of the accommodation that we offer, at a competitive price. Today that price became even more attractive for our guests. The boat has definitley come in for our guests.

When the boat comes in

Covid 19 – cross infection prevention measures

The Coronavirus, CV19

The Briar Rose has an excellent reputation for being a well maintained and clean property. We also aspire to making it a safe place to stay. In response to this CV19 pandemic we have followed expert advice and added to our cleaning procedures to mitigate any risk of cross infection between visiting guests.

We no longer take back to back bookings ensuring a minimum 29 hour period between guests.

We have taken addition measures to ensure your saftey such as, providing hand sanitiser in the porch, extra available cleaning materials such as disinfectant wipes, and additional bedding. All bedding including duvets and pillows are changed between bookings, not just covers, sheets and pillowcases.

Our housekeeping team are provided with masks, gloves and aprons to be worn whenever they are in the property. They have been instructed on the additional cleaning routines to be followed in order to make the property safe. We have significantly increased the time allowed for them to prepare the property for new arrivals.

Guests are requested to inform us if at any point they display coronvirus symptoms during their visit. Any bookings occurring within 1 week of their departure will be notified.

Our policy has been to give full refunds for cancellations resulting from this pandemic.

The Briar Rose at Xmas

The Briar Rose at Xmas
The Briar Rose at Xmas

In keeping with our phrase “Your Home from Home” we have put up some xmas decorations to give our guests for December that homely feeling.

The Briar Rose offers free entry to Beamish Folk Museum for guests.

The Briar Rose is located close to this internationally acclaimed award winning attraction. We have a number of entry tickets that we are offering free of charge to our guests. Only guests booking direct can qualify for free tickets. To claim your free entry tickets type in the offer code BEAMISH when making your booking

Bookings for 3-4 nights, 1 free ticket

Bookings for 5-7 nights 2 free tickets

Bookings for 8+ nights 4 free tickets

Beamish Folk Museum
Beamish Folk Museum


Beamish Folk Museum

Durham Cathedral Tower set to reopen

It won’t be long before the skyline of Durham is restored to its former glory, as the conservation work on Durham Cathedral’s central tower draws to a close.  It will be open to the public once again from Saturday 1 June 2019.

The reopening, sponsored by Baldwins Accountants, will mean that visitors will once again be able to take on the challenging 325 step climb to take in the unrivaled views of Durham and beyond for the first time in over three years. It is only from this height that the beautiful dapple effect of the new sandstone merging with the old can be fully appreciated.

Our 2019 Welcome Starter Pack

Guests arriving at our award winning cottage, The Briar Rose, located in the Vale of Durham, can immediately enjoy a cuppa and a snack before unpacking. We supply a selection of teas, coffees and hot chocolate for your stay. Arriving late is not a problem, we provide s selection of goodies for your first breakfast. (There may be some choc ices in the freezer too). No need to bring your kitchen supplies with you as there is seasoning, a selection of herbs , spices and sauces available.

Briar Rose Ready for 2019

All the Christmas decorations have been put away for another year.
Touch up decorating has been completed. Soft furnishings and carpets have been cleaned. New bed linen purchased. The Briar Rose is ready to provide our guests with the high standard of accommodation they have come to expect from us.

We understand the importance of having a welcoming, clean, comfortable place to stay where you can totally relax after a great day out, given there is so much going on in the region throughout the year. Whats On 

We look forward to welcoming you in 2019

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