Covid 19 – cross infection prevention measures

The Coronavirus, CV19

The Briar Rose has an excellent reputation for being a well maintained and clean property. We also aspire to making it a safe place to stay. In response to this CV19 pandemic we have followed expert advice and added to our cleaning procedures to mitigate any risk of cross infection between visiting guests.

We no longer take back to back bookings ensuring a minimum 29 hour period between guests.

We have taken addition measures to ensure your saftey such as, providing hand sanitiser in the porch, extra available cleaning materials such as disinfectant wipes, and additional bedding. All bedding including duvets and pillows are changed between bookings, not just covers, sheets and pillowcases.

Our housekeeping team are provided with masks, gloves and aprons to be worn whenever they are in the property. They have been instructed on the additional cleaning routines to be followed in order to make the property safe. We have significantly increased the time allowed for them to prepare the property for new arrivals.

Guests are requested to inform us if at any point they display coronvirus symptoms during their visit. Any bookings occurring within 1 week of their departure will be notified.

Our policy has been to give full refunds for cancellations resulting from this pandemic.

CV19 prevention